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Are you Hott Enough?

Aesthetics Queen
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About The Community

This Community, aesthetics5cene, was made by Chris the5cenequeen and Erin bang_b_a_n_g. Here is for those people who love Fashion, Hair, and Makeup. We are a new community, so bear with us.

Right now, we are having 10 Auto Accepts. Why? Because We can and we are awesome like that.

The Application is Down Below
Links to Banners are Down Below
Banners to put in your Profile are Down Below

Your Mods
Sister Community of the Month

Here is where we Mods will put a sister community that will be highlighted for a month.

Applicant Rules

.!. Post your Application under a cut.
.!. Make sure the subject says “So 5cene”.
.!. Make sure your cut says “I’m The Sexxx”.
.!. Fill out the ENTIRE application.
.!. Take your time; we will know if you didn’t.
.!. Comment on nothing but your own application until you are accepted.
.!. Be nice to the Mods. We are better then you.
.!. Be nice to the Members, they have more authority then you do.

Member Rules

.!. Stay active.
.!. If going on Haitias, let us know.
.!. Be nice to the Mods, I’ve said this before, We are better then you.
.!. Don’t start shit. You will get a warning. Keep starting shit, you will be banned.
.!. Vote on others applications.
.!. When you vote say “Yay” “Nay” “Sway”
.!. If you have a vote that counts for more make sure you put x2 or x3 by it.
.!. Try to get points!
.!. Trade points at the store.
.!. You get three warnings before being banned.
.!. Mods have the choice to ban you before your third warning.
.!. When posting make sure your subjects says “Stamped//said thing here//points


Ways to get Points
.!. Getting Accepted | +10
.!. Daily Themes | +5
.!. Picture Post | +5 pts per picture
.!. Picture Rating | + 30
.!. Online Hunt | +15
.!. Live Hunt | +25
.!. Becoming member of the month | +100
.!. Becoming a sister Community | +25
.!. Promoting us | +2 per promotion
.!. Making us a graphic | +5 per graphic
.!. Us using your graphic | +5
.!. Entering a contest | +15
.!. Winning a contest | +30
.!. Doing the monthly theme | +35
.!. Get to know me | +10
.!. Make-Up | +10


Monthly Theme For May
.!. Online Hunt

.!. Live hunt

.!. Superlative: Eyes

.!. Theme: Write a short story having something to do with a party.

.!. Graphic Contest: Make some Promotion Banners for the comm. You may enter as many as you want. Keep them all in one post.

.!. Promotion Contest: The who recruits the most members will win.

Themes for the week of 13/o5-19/o5

.!. Get to know Me: Write a five sentence paragraph on you.
.!. Make-Up: Do your make-up with a lot of pinks and post the picture.

Themes for Whenever

.!. Picture Post --- Make sure they are under a cut.
.!. Picture Rating --- One picture at a time
.!. Promotion --- As many times as you want. We love you for this.

Link for Prizes for Contest are down below.

Member of the Month

.!. Starts in January --- Member of the month will be chosen by both mods together.


.!. Don’t Use Rich Text.
.!. Everything Is Already Done For You.

Community Links
Banners for Info

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sister Communities

Info Layout and Header: bang_b_a_n_g
Community Layout: bang_b_a_n_g